3 Agt 2012

Crate Training Dogs – Teach Your Dog

Crate training dogs can teach your puppy not just how to utilize the bathroom outside, but also to feel secure and protected. Using a crate will be tempting to a puppy's natural instinct as a den creature, given that a dog is genetically designed to get a secure place to sleep. Your puppy's crate training will give a secure place for your puppy, and will aid your training process go much smoother but you need to consider the crate training dogs pros and cons as well.
Crate Training Dogs – Find The Right Crate Size and Introduce It
When you buy a crate for your puppy, you can find one which is the right size. If it is too small, then your dog will not be capable of turning around or move. If the crate is too big, then your dog might not keep away from messing in the space. When crate training dogs you have to efficiently teach them the decent behavior while disposing of the wrong behaviors. Having a crate which fits your dogs and enables them to turn around will give the right tool to do this.

When introducing your puppy to the crate, make it a tempting place. Put preferred toys inside to draw your dog, and make it comfy with a blanket and bone. Leave the door open thus your puppy can walk around the crate without feeling "disciplined" and reward your puppy with a treat as he goes inside willingly. Letting your puppy go in on his own throughout crate training dogs and then rewarding him will provide him with ownership in his "den area" and he will be taught that it is a positive experience.
Crate Training Dogs – Starting The Process
Even if you are crate training dogs to avoid accidents around the dwelling, you will still have to work vigorously with your puppy to potty train. Make sure that they have the chance to potty right away before leaving your puppy in the crate. For safety reasons, you need always to remove your dog's collar once putting him in the crate.
There have been instances at what time collars have gotten hung in the bars, and this can cause a bad situation. When crate training dogs potty training, do not apply the crate as punishment and it must be a sanctuary for your puppy. Your dog will probably enjoy the training as the crate training dogs is a humane way to train your puppy the expected behaviors.

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